Is it Time to Take your Imaging Career on The Road?

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While the Covid-19 pandemic increased local and national news coverage of the travel nurse industry,one of the most popular fields for travel contracts isactually in diagnostic radiology and medical imaging. Working as a travelX-ray Tech, MRI Tech, CT Tech, Mammography Tech, and Sonographeris a career and lifestyle unlike any other and is becoming more and more popular. Not only do you get to work in a job that you love, but you also get to impact communities all over the country while fulfilling your personal need for adventure. If you've been on the fence about traveling professionally, check out these three reasons why (we think) you should consider taking your career on the road:

How Hiking Can Help You Become A Better Physical Therapist

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As a travel physical therapist, you already know that exercise is one of the critical keys to maintaining overall health and wellness. With summer here,maybe it’s time to takeadvantage of nature's gym and use hiking toimprove your strength and skills to become a better physical therapist! Here’s how hiking can make a difference in your work:  

4 Reasons to Become a Traveling SLP

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Making the shift to travel therapy is a career and lifestyle unlike any other, especially for speech language pathologists looking for a life adventure or career change. Here are four reasons why you should consider becoming a traveling speech language pathologist: 

5 Sure-Fire Ways to Land Your Next Travel Job Interview

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Getting an interview is the exciting and satisfying “light at the end tunnel” stage of your (sometimes long) job search. Naturally, the interview step can be intimidating and anxiety inducing. But with some forward thinking, preparation, and these 5 tips, you can ace your next travel job interview:  

6 of The Best Hikes With No Entry Fee

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Hiking is one of the most popular hobbies among travel therapists and allied professionals, and while state or national parks offer some of the most well-known hikes, not everyone wants to pay an entry or parking fee for an activity that is otherwise free! So, we did the research and found six gorgeous hikes that won’t cost you anything. Make the most out of your travel therapy career and see some of the beautiful scenery that America has to offer. Check out these six gorgeous hikes that don’t cost any money: