Enjoy #SharkWeek every week in these states as a Traveling Therapist

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We thought Shark Week was the perfect time to highlight the states across the U.S. where Shark viewing is at its finest. If you’ve ever wanted to get closer to this incredible animal, consider a travel contract in one of the following states where an exciting shark adventure is waiting for you. Rhode Island If you want to dive with with these great fish, Rhode Island is actually a great place to live and experience this adventure. Joe Rameiro, a Shark Week cinematographer, told USA Today that both mako sharks and blue sharks pass through the waters off of New England during summer and fall. He reported that it’s one of the few locations in the world that divers can encounter these types. California It’s not uncommon for popular beaches to be closed due to sightings of large sharks close to shore in the southern part of the state. San

4 crucial budgeting tips for traveling therapists

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Money matters: These days, it seems everybody has them. Not least of which travel therapists, who often find that saving and spending smart can be a little more difficult when you’re trying to make a life in a new place while dealing with a busy schedule.

Once-in-a-lifetime must-do adventures: Overnight kayaking in the Keys

Best Places to Travel

If you’re a travel therapist working in Florida who’s craving some adventure, kayaking the Keys overnight will deliver. Kayaking is already a popular pastime in the Keys, but paddling after dark turns the experience into an unforgettably magical experience. A tropical twilight journey  The Florida Keys are made up of 1,700 islands that are surprisingly easy – and quick – to reach via kayak. As Captain Tom Ashley, who works for the Little Palm Island Resort & Spa, told The New York Times, “Out here, you can see water in five different shades of blue. But often the only way to reach that water is in a kayak.”

4 Cities with High Demand for Physical Therapists

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When working as a Traveling Physical Therapist, it can be a big decision to choose which part of the country you want to travel to. Making a new home, even if it’s a temporary one, is an undertaking, and it can help smooth the transition if you’re happy with your choice. One way to ease anxieties about the move is to consider working in cities that have high demand for therapists. Not only is this quality good for your sense of job security, it can also mean you’ll have an easier time meeting fellow therapists who can become new friends. To help you in your search, here are four cities where Physical Therapists are needed and where they can enjoy a high quality of life.

The fight to save rural hospitals

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Rural hospitals play a critical role in the health care landscape, providing accessible coverage for residents of hard to reach, isolated communities. Mounting data is showing that these essential organizations, however, are at risk of becoming extinct. The facts  The data about the closure of rural hospitals is sobering. Recent research has found that: 673 rural hospitals across 42 states are at risk of closing in the U.S., according to a report from iVantage Health Analytics. 355 of these hospitals are in communities with “great health disparities,” or areas with high risk of medical conditions. These closures would result in 99,000 health care jobs lost.