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What Happens After Your Travel Healthcare Contract Is Signed?

How-To Travel Guides

Whether you just got your first offer or you're looking to learn more about the travel healthcare process, you may be wondering what happens after you sign your first travel contract. This process may look slightly different from agency to agency, but you can expect something along these lines before you start every travel assignment. Here's a quick rundown of the process and what you can expect after you sign your travel healthcare contract:

Can you Be a Traveling Surgical Technologist?

Surgical & Laboratory

Surgical Technologists are the backbone of the operating room and hold the important role of ensuring safety for patients on the operating table and supporting the surgeons as they work. This career is rewarding and fulfilling, but did you know that you can explore the country while continuing to make lifechanging impacts on patients as a traveling surgical tech?Just like travel nurses or travel therapists, surg techs have the opportunity to work short-term assignments in locations you love nationwide. If you have a love for travel and a desire to gain more professional experience, check out these three reasons why you should consider taking your surgical technologist career on the road:

How Hiking Can Help You Become A Better Physical Therapist

Physical Therapy

As a travel physical therapist, you already know that exercise is one of the critical keys to maintaining overall health and wellness. With summer here,maybe it’s time to takeadvantage of nature's gym and use hiking toimprove your strength and skills to become a better physical therapist! Here’s how hiking can make a difference in your work:

Encouraging clients to #ChoosePT for pain management

Physical Therapy

Working as a Travel Physical therapist, you already know why physical therapy is so important for patients to manage their pain. Some of your patients may not see the benefits, however. Opioids or pain medications can appeal to patients as a “quick fix” for their pain, unlike physical therapy that requires more time and effort. But according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, drug overdoses killed more than 70,000 Americans in 2019 alone. Of these deaths, 70 percent of them involved prescription or illicit opioid use.

Consider a Compact State Physical Therapist License

Physical Therapy

As a physical therapist you're surrounded by job opportunities, and having your PT Compact license opens you up to an even bigger world of opportunity. The compact license allows you to quickly apply for jobs in multiple states across the country without having to apply for a state licensure first, since you already have permission to practice there! The PT Compact streamlines the licensing process so you don't have to juggle the requirements or cost of each state individually. Learn more about getting a compact state license as a physical therapist: