Housing Options for Healthcare Travelers

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Choosing your next travel therapy or allied assignment destination is a thrilling experience. However, once you accept a contract it's time to get moving - literally. Finding short-term housing that meets all your wants and needs can be overwhelming. With this guide, we hope to reduce the pressure that comes with searching for the right place to live. Here are realistic housing options to consider, based on your personal preferences, wants and needs as a therapy, allied, or education traveler:

4 Reasons to Become a Traveling School Psychologist


Across the country, schools are experiencing an increased demand for school psychologists to support kids that aren’t getting the help they need. Working as a travel school psychologist gives you the opportunity to make an impact on these expanding districts or rural schools with limited resources. Taking a “travel” contract doesn’t mean you’re only around for a portion of the school year or must relocate every 13 weeks, contracts can range anywhere from part-time, to 39 weeks, to a full year with summer school included! Working as a travel school psychologist will help you advance your career, challenge you, and give you freedom and flexibility in a way that permanent positions can’t. Empower yourself and your career by helping kids have a better shot at life-long positive mental health. Here are four reasons why you should consider taking a travel contract:

Consider A Career as A Travel Radiologic Technologist

Imaging & Radiology

Your career as a radiologic technologist is vital, rewarding, and fulfilling, but did you know that you can explore the country while continuing to make lifechanging impacts on patients as a traveling rad tech? Just like travel nurses or travel therapists, rad techs have the opportunity to work short-term assignments in locations you love nationwide. If you have a love for travel and a desire to gain more professional experience, check out these three reasons why you should consider taking your x-ray tech career on the road:

Essential Packing Tips for Travel Therapists and Allied Professionals

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Once you've signed on the dotted line confirming your travel therapy or allied contract and housing, it's time to tackle the daunting task of packing. Deciding what and how much to bring on your 13-week assignment can feel more stressful than moving itself. You need more than just a few suitcases but you don't need to fill a moving truck either. In this blog, we'll share essential packing tips tailored specifically for therapy and allied travelers, ensuring you have everything you need:

What Professions are Considered to be "Allied Healthcare?"

Education, Imaging & Radiology, Surgical & Laboratory

A large portion of the healthcare workforce is classified as an allied professional, but even Healthcare leaders aren’t clear on the difference. According to the Association of Schools Advancing Health Professions (ASHAP), allied professionals are the health professions distinctly different from medicine and nursing. They further define allied professions as being “concerned with the identification, diagnostic evaluation, and treatment of acute and chronic diseases and disorders; provision of dietary nutrition services; rehabilitation services; and the management and operation of health systems.” To make it even easier, we’ve listed the healthcare professions that fall under Allied below: