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3 Tips For Handling Holidays Away From Family

Traveling Advice

Being able to work in the career you love while also traveling is a great opportunity, but it doesn't come without its challenges. When you're on assignment around the holidays, the desire to be surrounded by family can be overwhelming. Even though technology has helped bridge the communication gap, nothing can truly replace the feeling of being home around Christmas. As a travel healthcare professional, you know that being away from family is part of the job. To stay motivated during this time of year when it's easy to begin missing home, try some of our methods of coping with being away for the holidays. 

Tips For Navigating Your First Travel Healthcare Job

Traveling Advice

Whether you just graduated college or recently decided to change career paths, preparing for your first travel therapy assignment is a thrilling yet nerve-wracking experience. As with any first day on the job, it's important to keep an open mind while also paying close attention to all the small details of a facility during your training. You're going to learn a lot during your first week, but don't let it overwhelm you. Your first travel therapy job will set the foundation of what to expect down your professional journey in the future.Here are a few tips for navigating your first travel therapy assignment: 

Your Step-By-Step Guide To Working With A Travel Healthcare Recruiter

Traveling Advice

As a travel therapist or allied professional, your recruiter is one of your most important assets. They will advocate for your skills to find a position that best utilizes your strengths, while also being in a location you want to live in! Working with a recruiter is incredibly beneficial for obtaining offers, building your professional network, and always having a support system behind you. Knowing how to work with them properly allows both you and your recruiter to reap the most benefits from your relationship. Here is our step-by-step guide to working with a recruiter: 

Can you Be a Traveling Surgical Technologist?

Specialty Spotlight

Surgical Technologists are the backbone of the operating room and hold the important role of ensuring safety for patients on the operating table and supporting the surgeons as they work. This career is rewarding and fulfilling, but did you know that you can explore the country while continuing to make lifechanging impacts on patients as a traveling surgical tech?Just like travel nurses or travel therapists, surg techs have the opportunity to work short-term assignments in locations you love nationwide. If you have a love for travel and a desire to gain more professional experience, check out these three reasons why you should consider taking your surgical technologist career on the road:  

Jackson Therapy Partners Named One of Central Florida’s Top Workplaces by Orlando Sentinel

Jackson News

Jackson Therapy Partners, a leading therapy and allied staffing agency, today announced that it has been named to the Orlando Sentinel’s newly released list of the Top Workplaces for 2022. The company appears at number 55 on the list of top employers in Orlando and Central Florida in the Small Companies category.