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Top Spring Locations for Travel Radiologic Technologists

Best Places to Travel

The temperatures are starting to rise which means spring is finally here! If the fresh spring air is calling your name and you're feeling the urge to get out and explore the country, make sure you know where to earn the most this season as a travel radiologic technician. While you can find job opportunities in every state, there are specific regions of the country where you can earn more during the spring. Massachusetts, Georgia, California, and Texas offer some of the highest paying contracts for travel rad techs, let’s take a closer look at what they offer.  

Your Step-By-Step Guide To Working With A Travel Healthcare Recruiter

Traveling Advice

As a travel therapist or imaging tech, your recruiter is one of your most important assets. They will advocate for your skills to find a position that best utilizes your strengths, while also being in a location you want to live in! Working with a recruiter is incredibly beneficial for obtaining offers, building your professional network, and always having a support system behind you. Knowing how to work with them properly allows both you and your recruiter to reap the most benefits from your relationship. Here is our step-by-step guide to working with a travel healthcare recruiter: 

Encouraging clients to #ChoosePT for pain management

Travel Therapy Advice

Working as a Travel Physical therapist, you already know why physical therapy is so important for patients to manage their pain. Some of your patients may not see the benefits, however. Opioids or pain medications can appeal to patients as a “quick fix” for their pain, unlike physical therapy that requires more time and effort. But according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, drug overdoses killed more than 70,000 Americans in 2019 alone. Of these deaths, 70 percent of them involved prescription or illicit opioid use.  

Empty Nesters: Why You Should Travel In an RV

Travel Therapy Advice, Traveling Advice

Becoming an empty nester can be bittersweet. The kids are gone (or home but grown), but now you have the amazing opportunity to get out, explore, and pursue hobbies and career ventures you couldn’t in the past. Perhaps you’ve always dreamed of taking your therapy or imaging talents across the country but felt too insecure about uprooting your family and starting over. Now, you can exercise your passion to care for others wherever you feel, and you don’t even have to worry about signing a lease or putting money toward a short-term hotel stay. Hit the wide open road on the way to your next travel imaging or therapy assignment and turn the commute into an epic adventure. You can travel with your partner, best friend, furry family member, or soak up some time alone! Here are a few reasons to consider investing in an RV for the rest of your career as a travel therapist or imaging tech:

Consider a Travel Therapist or Imaging Tech Assignment In an Outpatient Setting

Industry News, Travel Therapy Advice

Travel therapists and imaging technologists have a considerable amount of options when it comes to contract settings, which means you have the ability to switch up the setting you work in. There are benefits to working in an outpatient clinic that you don't always get working at a hospital or in home health! The opportunities for travel therapists and imaging techs in outpatient settings are booming across the country, which means you can explore the states like never before. Read on to learn why you should consider this career: