What Professions are Considered to be "Allied Healthcare?"

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A large portion of the healthcare workforce is classified as an allied professional, but even Healthcare leaders aren’t clear on the difference. According to the Association of Schools Advancing Health Professions (ASHAP), allied professionals are the health professions distinctly different from medicine and nursing. They further define allied professions as being “concerned with the identification, diagnostic evaluation, and treatment of acute and chronic diseases and disorders; provision of dietary nutrition services; rehabilitation services; and the management and operation of health systems.” To make it even easier, we’ve listed the healthcare professions that fall under Allied below:

The Importance of Flexibility in Travel Healthcare: Adapting to Changing Circumstances

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In the dynamic world of travel healthcare, adaptability and flexibility aren't just advantageous traits—they're essential survival skills. As a travel healthcare worker, you're often entering unfamiliar environments, working with new teams, and navigating the unique challenges of each assignment. This constant flux demands not only clinical proficiency but also a remarkable ability to pivot and thrive amidst change. Embracing this fluidity can transform every new experience into an opportunity for growth, learning, and professional enrichment. In this blog, we explore how to cultivate resilience and flexibility, turning the unpredictability of travel healthcare into a rewarding adventure.

Travel Healthcare With Pets: How to Register an ESA

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Almost every day we’re asked by travelers, “can I bring my pet on assignment with me?” And the answer is absolutely yes, but it may be a bit more difficult to find housing. Many rental apartments or houses don’t allow pets on the lease, so if you can’t find a pet-friendly rental you may feel like your options are out. But, working in travel healthcare with a pet is totally possible! Classifying your pet as an Emotional Support Animal (ESA) might just be the way to go! ESAs can live in no-pet buildings and aren’t subject to breed or weight restrictions. Keep in mind, this isn’t a cheat code so you can move four dogs into your apartment; ESAs are federally mandated and regulated to protect both pet owners and landlords. Our pets can play a huge role in our mental and emotional well-being, so we're going over how the ESA’s guidelines for qualifying your pet, the documentation you need for landlords, and how to find a therapist or doctor to help:

Enjoy Teacher Appreciation Week Discounts

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Teacher Appreciation Week is a time to honor the educators who dedicate their lives to shaping the minds of future generations. During this week of gratitude and recognition, many businesses offer special discounts and deals as a token of appreciation for the tireless work teachers put in day in and day out. From discounted meals to special offers on classroom supplies, these gestures not only acknowledge the invaluable contributions of teachers but also provide a well-deserved perk during this week-long celebration. Let's dive into the array of discounts awaiting our deserving educators this Teacher Appreciation Week.

Can You Complete Your Clinical Fellowship Year on the Road?

Speech Language Pathology

While in school completing your Speech Language Pathology certifications, you likely heard of your ability to travel the country, make memories, and see sights you've dreamed of through travel therapy. Did you know that you can travel while completing your Clinical Fellowship Year? There are many benefits to working in travel therapy as an SLP-CF! Make memories on the road while growing your career in a way you can't with a permanent staff position. Read on to learn why you should consider traveling at this stage in your career: