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3 Tips for Travel Healthcare As a New Grad

Advice for New Grads

Graduating with your healthcare degree or certification is an exciting and life changing experience! Throughout your schooling you may have heard about the benefits of traveling either when you graduate or later in your career. The idea of taking a travel contract as your first post-grad job can be daunting, but it’s a realistic and incredible opportunity. Before you hit the road and take your first travel therapy or allied assignment, there are a few things you should think about:

Growing Thicker Skin in Travel Healthcare

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While a rewarding career path, working in healthcare can also be incredibly challenging. It takes passion, dedication, hard work, and it helps to have a thick skin. Add the element of travel into your job title and it can be even more pressing, since you'll be moving from one assignment to the next; meeting and working with all different types of personalities. Some patients and coworkers will be encouraging, kind and caring, but others will be judgmental and harder to work with. Whether you're new to the world of travel therapy or allied travel, or you've been practicing all over the country for years, growing a thick skin will keep your spirits up and help you reach career milestones. Here are a few tips for taking harsh criticism working in travel healthcare:

Can You Complete Your Clinical Fellowship Year on the Road?

Speech Language Pathology

While in school completing your Speech Language Pathology certifications, you likely heard of your ability to travel the country, make memories, and see sights you've dreamed of through travel therapy. Did you know that you can travel while completing your Clinical Fellowship Year? There are many benefits to working in travel therapy as an SLP-CF! Make memories on the road while growing your career in a way you can't with a permanent staff position. Read on to learn why you should consider traveling at this stage in your career:

It's Not Too Late For A Summer Travel Healthcare Assignment

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While the heat is here with a vengeance, summer has only just begun! There's still plenty of time to find a travel healthcare contract that gets you out adventuring and making memories this season. If adventure is calling your name and you're feeling the urge to get out and explore the country, make sure you know where to earn the most this season as a travel therapist or allied professional. While you can find job opportunities in every state, there are specific regions of the country where you can earn more during the summer. Massachusetts, Maryland, West Virginia, Arizona, and Texas offer some of the highest paying contracts for traveler, let’s take a closer look at what they offer.

4 Signs You Need A New Travel Healthcare Recruiter

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No matter what travel therapy or allied agency you work for, it's crucial that you work with a healthcare recruiter who truly understands you. Your recruiter is the point of contact for almost anything, you can ask questions about your contract, get help with benefits or timesheets, vent to them after a particularly rough shift, and so much more. Working with a recruiter whose personality meshes well with yours is an integral key to having a successful travel career. You need a recruiter who takes the time to get to know you, your job goals, personalizes your job search, and connects you with assignments in facilities and locations that are based on your wants or needs. These are 5 signs that you may need to switch healthcare recruiters: