Lauren Started an SLP Assignment with Jackson and Met Her Husband #MatchMaker

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Earlier this year, Cupid made an appearance in a small Arizona town near the borders of California and Nevada and forever changed the lives of two special people. At the Heart of Historic Route 66 sits Kingman, AZ, a dynamic western town that became the temporary home for Lauren, a Traveling Speech Language Pathologist on assignment with Jackson. Just a few months into her short-term contract at a local Skilled Nursing Facility, Lauren met Önder online. Within just a week of meeting each other, Lauren tells us they both knew this was “it.” The happy couple got married just 6 months later. So, we’re not saying that if you take a travel job with Jackson, you’ll meet your future spouse. But, you will. Maybe…

The top 5 traveling physical therapist blogs you should be reading

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Whether you currently work as a travel physical therapist or are considering travel PT as a possible career path, reading blogs written by others in the field can be incredibly useful. You can learn important tips and tricks for working as a travel PT, gain inspiration for your next move or access resources that can help expand your job opportunities.  The life of a travel PT can be incredibly fulfilling, and the best websites and online journals reflect that. Here are the top five travel physical therapy blogs you should be reading: 1. HoboHealth The scoop: HoboHealth is a trusted source of travel therapy news, insights and advice. Collected on the site is a useful mix of travel writing, tales from the road and tips for working as a travel therapist. There are also discussion boards where travel PT can swap stories and wisdom. 

Making a Splash at FOTA’s Annual Conference at the Renaissance Orlando at SeaWorld®

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We’re looking forward to meeting many of our Florida Occupational Therapists fact-to-face next weekend at the Florida Occupational Therapy Association’s Annual Conference in Orlando. Celebrating 100 years of Occupational Therapy, FOTA17’s schedule is jam packed with Education Sessions, dynamic speakers, a yoga sessions, and an awards ceremony on November 3rd and 4th. As the “respected authority on occupational therapy’s contribution to health and well-being in Florida,” FOTA continually works to support and advance the profession while making strides to better serve consumers.

3 coastal towns to consider for a travel assignment

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Travel therapists enjoy the freedom of being able to detach themselves from the demands of traditional, permanent employment and instead explore new places to their hearts’ content. What better place to apply your skills and satisfy your love of exploring new sights and sounds than a coastal town? The fresh, invigorating sea breeze, the calming sound of the waves, the gorgeous vistas – it’s the perfect type of location to reflect and rejuvenate.  To inspire your journey, here are three coastal towns to consider for a travel assignment: 1. Portland, Maine  Maine is famous for its majestic, rugged shorelines and dramatic seascapes. In Portland, you get the best of both worlds: breathtaking nature and a dynamic downtown scene. This small city is becoming a favorite stomping ground of ambitious young professionals who want a satisfying balance in their lives between outdoor activities and arts and culture. 

3 tools travelers need when they hit the road

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If you’re hitting the road soon to travel to a new assignment, you should take a little time before you leave to gather some helpful tools for the journey. This way, you can travel smart and feel less stressed knowing you’re prepared! Here are three tools you should have when you hit the road: 1. Maps & apps  Today’s traveler should take advantage of both old-school navigational aids and new, innovative tools. First, keep a physical road atlas in the car at all times – it comes in handy in places where GPS isn’t working or you have no internet connectivity. It doesn’t need to charge, either, making it a lifesaver when your devices run out of battery.