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Your 4-Step Guide to Travel Therapy

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Starting your next (or first) travel therapy assignment can be both an exciting and nerve-wracking experience, not only for the potential change professionally, but living in different towns may require a lifestyle change! While you get the opportunity to make an impact on patients, explore the country, and earn more, you also have to drop everything and move, possibly leaving a stable job for the unknown, all while living away from your friends and family. If you’re ready for your next great travel therapy adventure, keep these tips in mind to successfully tackle your next assignment like a seasoned pro: 

Beat Boredom on Assignment With These Hobby Classes

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One of our favorite recommendations for how to make a new city feel like home when you move for an assignment, is by taking a group class that interests you! These classes are a terrific way to test your talent (or patience) while meeting people in your area. Each city will have a different selection of classes you can take, we recommend looking at Facebook Events or Groupon to find local classes that interest you, or you can check out one of these staple classes: 

Who are 'Allied' Professionals?

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A large portion of the healthcare workforce is classified as an allied professional, but even Healthcare leaders aren’t clear on the difference. According to the Association of Schools Advancing Health Professions (ASHAP), allied professionals are the health professions distinctly different from medicine and nursing. They further define allied professions as being “concerned with the identification, diagnostic evaluation, and treatment of acute and chronic diseases and disorders; provision of dietary nutrition services; rehabilitation services; and the management and operation of health systems.” To make it even easier, we’ve listed the healthcare professions that fall under Allied below:

Encouraging clients to #ChoosePT for pain management

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Working as a Travel Physical therapist, you already know why physical therapy is so important for patients to manage their pain. Some of your patients may not see the benefits, however. Opioids or pain medications can appeal to patients as a “quick fix” for their pain, unlike physical therapy that requires more time and effort. But according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, drug overdoses killed more than 70,000 Americans in 2019 alone. Of these deaths, 70 percent of them involved prescription or illicit opioid use.  

Gearing up for adventure: National parks edition

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Being a traveling therapist or traveling allied professional can come with some serious perks. At the top of the list is your freedom to travel and explore the U.S. Maybe there’s a state you always wanted to explore? Maybe you’ve always wanted to follow Lewis and Clark’s footsteps? Or, hike the Appalachian trail? Take advantage of a traveling career and gain access to some of the most beautiful landscapes America has to offer. Here are four gorgeous national parks that our travelers have visited and loved: Glacier National Park Located in northern Montana, this protected land is known as the Crown of the Continent. Canada might think differently, but it’s hard to deny Glacier National Park’s natural beauty. Apart from breathtaking mountains and tranquil lakes and rivers, Glacier National Park features some of the best archaeology anywhere in the U.S. While you may not find many dinosaur bones, Glacier National