4 Signs You Need A New Travel Healthcare Recruiter

No matter what travel therapy or allied agency you work for, it's crucial that you work with a healthcare recruiter who truly understands you. Your recruiter is the point of contact for almost anything, you can ask questions about your contract, get help with benefits or timesheets, vent to them after a particularly rough shift, and so much more. Working with a recruiter whose personality meshes well with yours is an integral key to having a successful travel career. You need a recruiter who takes the time to get to know you, your job goals, personalizes your job search, and connects you with assignments in facilities and locations that are based on your wants or needs. These are 5 signs that you may need to switch healthcare recruiters: 

1. They Only Talk To You About Jobs

A good recruiter should be in contact with you throughout your travel assignment, and they should check-in with you even when you're not on contract with them. If your recruiter isn't reaching out while you're on assignment to ensure you're settling in to your new home well, there's no issues with your paychecks, and that all your questions are answered, they're not fulfilling their role as a career partner. Even if you're on a break between contracts or if you're traveling with another agency for a few months, your recruiter should be checking-in on you to see how you're doing, if you need anything from them, and if they should be on the look out for any upcoming contracts that may be a good fit for you. Your recruiter shouldn't only talk to you when they have a job you may like, because they won't fully understand what you're looking for and what would be the best fit for you if they don't know you. 

2. They Don't Answer Your Questions

Working in travel healthcare naturally comes with a lot of questions. From clarifying a contract to getting the right licensure and paperwork to helping you find housing, your recruiter should be able to answer all your questions or find out the answer if they aren't sure right away. If you feel like you're being brushed off or your recruiter is impatient with the questions you have, you may want to consider finding a recruiter who is able and willing to provide any information you may need. 


3. They're Difficult to Get Ahold of

A great recruiter should give you a direct line to contact them through call, text, email, or whatever method of communication works best for the pair of you. You should also feel confident that you'll receive a timely response from your recruiter! Emergencies happen, and if you're experiencing a time of crisis it's important that you can get in touch with them quickly and easily. If you're finding it impossible to get into contact with your recruiter, it may be time to find a new one.

4. They Push You To Make A Decision

Recruiters have a job to fill contracts, but they should never push you into a contract that isn't perfect for you. Only you can decide what assignments will or won't be a good fit, so your recruiter must respect the decisions that you make. Considering where to move or what setting to work in is no small decision, and your recruiter should understand that and provide suggestions that support your decisions, instead of suggestions that influence them. Feeling like you're being rushed or pushed into a decision is a sign you may not be working with the right recruiter. 

Recruiters should be advocates for their travelers, and if your recruiter shows some of the above signs then it may be time for you to switch recruiters. Whether you decide to switch agencies or reach out to a manger at your current agency for a new recruiter is up to you, but it's crucial you feel supported by your career partner. 

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