Once-in-a-lifetime must-do adventures: Overnight kayaking in the Keys

If you’re a travel therapist working in Florida who’s craving some adventure, kayaking the Keys overnight will deliver. Kayaking is already a popular pastime in the Keys, but paddling after dark turns the experience into an unforgettably magical experience.

A tropical twilight journey 

The Florida Keys are made up of 1,700 islands that are surprisingly easy – and quick – to reach via kayak.

As Captain Tom Ashley, who works for the Little Palm Island Resort & Spa, told The New York Times, “Out here, you can see water in five different shades of blue. But often the only way to reach that water is in a kayak.”


The tropical waters take on a different and beautiful character as evening descends, and there’s no better place to view the vibrant orange and fuchsia shades of sunset than from a kayak. The air is warm and balmy, you can paddle your way through the shallow waters under a canopy of sparkling stars, making your way to a tiki torch-lit beachside bar as the night grows inky.

Extra-adventurous kayakers may want to extend their excursion into the early hours of the morning, to witness both sunset and sunrise and to watch the Keys’ dazzling array of tropical wildlife begin a new day.

Wildlife in the Keys 

Overnight kayaking in the Keys is a wonderful way to get up close and personal to the beautiful wildlife that call the archipelago home. As you paddle through lush mangrove forests you’ll encounter brightly colored fish that live among the twisting roots, and a beautiful variety of birds including osprey, songbirds and white herons, and as you venture out further you may discover dolphins and sea turtles.

Kayaking the Keys from dusk to dawn is an experience that’s not to be missed. If you’re interested in the adventure, check out the tour companies that offer overnight trips such as Florida Bay Outfitters and Burnham Guides.

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