An Introduction

An Introduction – Kristin B., Physical Therapist

My name is Kristin Bloomquist and I’m a Physical Therapist working in Michigan. Though I’ve worked in many different settings, I found my niche in the rehab. After finishing school I started a full-time, permanent job at a skilled nursing facility. It was the first job that I interviewed for and I accepted it eagerly. Skilled nursing was foreign to me and I was looking forward to having a mentor therapist to show me the ropes. The day I got my license was the day my mentor resigned with no notice. From that moment on, I was the only Physical Therapist in a mid-sized facility, supervising four PTAs. It was a definite sink or swim opportunity and fortunately for all of us, we made it through. After several months in that position, however, I started to get restless. Skilled nursing was a dream come true, but I wanted to look at different opportunities. I took another job, but after another 8 months or so, it wasn’t what I was looking for. I feel like I often hear of therapists like myself.

I definitely wasn’t happy with the jobs I was finding for myself. Either I was driving too far or I didn’t have the flexibility I wanted or I had negotiated poorly (at my first job interview I told my potential rehab director that, “anything would be better than the nothing I was making now,” when asked about my desired salary.) Then I was introduced to the possibility of becoming a travel therapist. A few phone calls and one quick interview with a potential placement later I was signed on with Jackson Therapy. The end of my current assignment will mark my one year anniversary with Jackson.

Up until now, I have only done local contracts, which has been great for me. I have someone to assist with all the difficult parts of job finding, but I haven’t had to move or drive too far. Being a local traveler has been great because I have been able to live in my own home and go to work like normal, but at the end of the day, I know I can call my recruiter with any problems. In the next year, however, I’m looking forward to doing some “real” traveling—I’m thinking San Francisco would be nice in the winter. I love that Jackson gives me that opportunity and makes it so easy.  

I’m excited to become a part of JTP correspondents and am looking forward to sharing my opinions, experiences and areas of interest with you!

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