Support System for Travelers

Support Systems for Travellers – Kristin B., Physical Therapist

We all have days at work when we need a helping hand. Whether it is a stressful work situation or some part of home life spilling over into your day, there are going to be times where things get to be almost too much to handle. This is when it becomes important to have a supportive relationship with your co-workers.

Today at work, one of my co-workers had a patient fall. It was a pretty bad fall and my co-worker was really shaken up over it. She was in tears and blaming herself despite the fact that she was not at fault. Everyone in the department came together to help her in any way we could by assisting with her other patients, giving her emotional support and reminding her that she did not do anything wrong and that it could have happened to any one of us.

In kind, she was the first person to sit down with me at the lunch table and ask me about how my thanksgiving was. She was then, the first person to listen to me vent about what a mess it was and be supportive. Our ability to count on each other and receive the support that we need during a stressful day is what makes us such a good team.

It can be difficult as a traveller to create these relationships, since you often move job to job more quickly than another therapists would, but it is still important to try to connect with at least one co-worker who you know you can count on.

Fortunately, at Jackson Therapy we have good support from our recruiters and the other members of the team and they will always be just one phone call away to assist you with difficult situation. They cannot be there at your site on a day to day basis though, so finding other allies close at hand and being a support system in return is important.


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