Plan Your Winter Travel Healthcare Destination

Temperatures are finally starting to drop, which means winter is just around the corner! Now is the time to consider where you want to spend the last few months of the year and find your perfect travel therapy, imaging, lab, medical, social work, psychology, or education contract. While you can find job opportunities in every state, there are specific regions of the country where you can earn more during the winter. Massachusetts, Colorado, Maine, and Vermont offer some of the highest paying contracts for travel healthcare employees, let’s take a closer look at what they offer 


While the Northern states may not be the first region that comes to mind when you’re picturing a dream winter destination (unless you love to ski or snowboard), Massachusetts offers some of the highest pay rates in the country during the coldest months. The Bay State always has a need for travel healthcare professionals, and this need is even greater during the colder months when no one else is willing to move to the East coast. Massachusetts is a great destination to explore when you’re not at work! With an abundance of US History, beautiful architecture, museums that’ll keep you occupied for days, and numerous professional sports teams, there’s an opportunity for everyone in Massachusetts. Search MA Jobs  


Colorado may not be the most northern state on the map, but it is one of the most popular states among ski enthusiasts! Whether you are looking to move to the mountains for your next contract or to a bigger city, you can find an opportunity perfect for you. For winter activity enthusiasts, consider travel opportunities in the Rocky Mountains where you can enjoy tons of gorgeous hikes, scenic views, and close proximity to their hundreds of ski resorts. If you’re looking for more of a city life contract, Denver offers delicious restaurants, craft breweries, and numerous professional sports teams to keep you entertained during your contractSearch CO Jobs 



Moving to a rural state like Maine can be a dream come true for outdoor enthusiasts! With over 61% of its population living in a rural area, Maine is considered to be the most rural state in the country. Because of how rural the state is and how cold the winter can be, facilities often offer financial incentives to attract travel healthcare employees. Whether that be a sign-on bonus or a high paying contract, you have the opportunity to earn significantly more during the winter in Maine, especially when you factor in the state's low cost of living. Spend your time off exploring the rocky coast, visiting one of the many ski resorts, or finding the best clam chowder around when you move to Maine! Find ME jobs 


If you’re someone who loves snow, Vermont should top your list when it comes to winter destinations! With an average of over 89 inches of snow every year, Vermont is the snowiest state, second least populated state and the second most rural state in the country, which means you’ll have the opportunity for a unique experience. Don’t let those stats scare you away from this gorgeous state, there are plenty of small mountain towns to explore, spectacular ski resorts, and winter festivals that’ll keep you busy for your entire contract. The cold weather paired with the rural landscape means it’s usually a struggle to get travel healthcare workers to move to Vermont during the winter, so you have the opportunity to earn more than in the warmer states. Search VT Jobs 

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