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Five Apps You Didn't Know You Needed As a Traveler

Living in this digital era, it’s not often we find ourselves without a tiny computer in our pocket, but are you making the most of your smartphone as a traveler? Living life on the road can be overwhelming and stressful at times, which is why we curated a list of five free smartphone apps that will help make your transition to new assignments as smooth as possible! Stay organized so that you can focus on what really matters – providing quality care to your clients or patients.


If you prefer to drive from one assignment to the next, the Roadtrippers app will help make your commute as exciting as possible! This app helps you plan the ultimate customized road trip, so you can hit the best attractions or make it the quickest trip on the way to your new city. Whether you’re interested in finding the best small-town diners, quirkiest roadside attractions, or most beautiful scenic viewpoints, this app allows you to customize all the stops on your drive. Take the stress out of planning your drive with the Roadtrippers app!


When you start a new travel assignment, it can be a bit overwhelming keeping track of their policies, charting information, and names of your co-workers or supervisors, which is where the Evernote app can help! This popular notes app allows you to make to-do lists, connect to your personal Google calendar so you can stay on top of your schedule, create a customized dashboard you can easily reference, and more. Quickly search for information and scan photos of documents or whiteboards so you’re always organized and prepared!

ShiftLife Organizer

Learning a new city, a new work environment, and settling into your new home can get overwhelming, even for the most seasoned travelers! Keep track of all your upcoming and past work schedules, along with your pay, using the ShiftLife Organizer app. If you’re working at multiple facilities or locations, you can keep track of all that information in the app on top of having a record of your working hours, hourly pay, overtime, and any sick time. You can even sync your calendar with new friends and coworkers so you can easily plan your next adventure with them!

Paycheck Calculator

One of the biggest questions travelers have is “how much will I take home each week with this pay package?” Using the Paycheck Calculator app, you’ll be able to quickly compare pay packages across facilities or even states to find how much money you’ll make after taxes! Once you’ve accepted a contract you can use this app to calculate any overtime you worked as well as include deductions like your 401(k) contribution or healthcare premium. If you have any referral bonuses or some extra income coming in, you can add that information as well, so there’s no guesswork when it comes to budgeting or paychecks!


If you’re one of the many travelers who brings their four-legged family member along with them, we recommend the BarkHappy app! This app connects you with other local dog owners so both you and your pup can meet new friends, but also discover dog friendly events happening locally and pet friendly hotels for traveling. You can also report lost or found dogs in your area with a photo and your contact information. Find the closest restaurant or bar that’s dog friendly and even see their policies and amenities quickly and easily so you can spend more time with your pup when you’re not working!