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6 fun outdoor activities to try this fall


Now that the trick-or-treaters have gone it’s the perfect time as a traveling therapist to get out and enjoy some of the fun outdoor activities that bring out the nostalgia and cure the homesickness. Plus, it’s a great opportunity to get to know some of your coworkers or other travel therapists nearby.

Add these festive events to your agenda this month:

1. Go on a ghost walk through town
Whether you’re on assignment along the West Coast, practicing in New England or making way down south, there’s plenty of opportunity to enjoy the crisp fall air on a ghost walk through America’s most haunted cities. According to Time Out, some of the best ghost tours are in Savannah, New York City and San Francisco.

2. Visit a pumpkin patch
Looking for the perfect pumpkin to transform into a pie or decorate your front porch? Grab a few friends and head to the local pumpkin patch. And don’t let those pumpkin seeds go to waste – toss them with cinnamon sugar and roast them in the oven for a sweet and tasty fall treat.

Go apple picking this October. Go apple picking this fall.

3. Go apple picking
A trip to the pumpkin patch is key, but apple picking is a fall classic – especially if you’re on assignment on the East Coast. It’s the perfect place to grab the delicious fruit for a tasty apple crisp or as a treat for your clients.

4. Get lost in a corn maze
Gather your coworkers and head to a corn maze for a fun and exciting adventure. There are plenty of family-friendly options, but more difficult mazes exist for those who are up for the challenge.

6. Go on a hay ride
If the corn maze isn’t thrilling enough for you, grab tickets to the nearest hay ride at a local fall festival. Use this opportunity to taste the local dishes, make new friends, and experience an all new adventure.

No matter how you plan on spending this fall, consider all of these activities an opportunity to get to know other therapists practicing in your area. Traveling on assignment can be intimidating when you’re constantly moving from destination to destination, but fun activities dedicated to the season can help you put yourself out there and ease the tension that comes with meeting new people.

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