7 hacks to make packing and unpacking easier for travel therapists

Moving once a year can be frustrating, but traveling therapists often go through the moving process every 13 weeks. Having to pack and unpack your life every three months or so can be a challenging part of working as a travel therapist.

Luckily, there are many hacks that can make packing and unpacking faster and easier. Check these out next time you move for an assignment:

1. Make a master moving checklist

Lists are your best friend when it comes to managing a move – they corral lots of important information so it’s not all bouncing around your head! Have a master moving checklist that contains everything you need to do to carry out your move successfully, from renting a moving truck to having your mail forwarded.

It’s also a good idea to have a list of all the must-have items that need to move with you to guide your packing and make sure you don’t forget anything essential.

2. Have moving materials on hand 

Instead of having to run out to the hardware store each time you move, keep a container stockpiled with moving materials such as packing tape, bubble wrap and cardboard boxes in your home for easy and convenient access.


7 hacks to make packing and unpacking easier for travel therapists

3. Travel light 

Depending on the situation, it can be much easier to buy some items or furniture in your new city than lug everything you own with you. Before you start packing, do a clean sweep of your home and donate anything that’s no longer useful to you or that doesn’t hold much value. Toss the broken stuff.

4. Center on the seasons 

If you’re moving every three weeks, you’re likely to face some seasonal weather changes. Store or donate any out-of-season clothing items you own and instead focus only on bringing the items that are suitable for the climate and weather at your new place. If you have out-of-season clothing you want to have on hand for trips back home or vacations, store them in vacuum-sealable bags. These bags suck out the air to flatten clothes and make for thin, easy stacking in closets or under beds.

5. Protect breakables

Avoid the disappointment of discovering your favorite glass or vase broke during the move by giving your breakable items some extra TLC. Go heavy on the bubble wrap for framed paintings, vases, bowls, mirrors and similarly fragile items. Seek out containers tailor-made for glassware, such as this nifty number from the Container Store. It features individual slots lined with foam padding for each glass.

6. Layer blankets between furniture 

Stacking boxes and furniture can lead to nicks and scrapes on wood and other relatively pliable surfaces. Be sure to layer thin strips of foam padding, blankets or soft towels under any bulky or jagged items you stack on top of furniture.

7. Consider upgrading to a larger vehicle 

If you’re a travel therapist who has a compact car and moves often, it may be worth upgrading to a larger vehicle with more space for stuff, like an SUV or pick-up truck. While the price may be a little more for a larger vehicle, it may be worth the investment if it makes your moves easier.

Moving frequently sure can be a pain, but with the hacks above you can streamline the process to make it as painless as possible.

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