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Travel Therapy FAQ

Get Answers to Our Most Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Where do you have contracts?

A. We have jobs available nationwide! From Alaska to Maine in hospitals, home health, outpatient clinics, skilled nursing facilities, long-term care, and schools.  

Q. What type of contracts/assignments are available and how long are they?

A. Most contracts are 3 months in length; 13-week contracts tend to be the standard but there is potential for shorter or longer contracts depending on the setting and the client’s needs. 

Q. What if I only have one license but want to go out of state?

A. Each state has its own licensing requirements, check steps for licensure here. Physical Therapists do have the option to get a compact license, allowing you to practice in participating states.  

Q. Can I bring my pet?

A. Yes! You may have to pay an extra fee depending on your housing situation, but that’s a small price to pay to have your fur-family with you on assignment. Learn more about traveling with your pet here! 

Q. Do you offer any reimbursements?

A. Yes! We offer reimbursements for travel, CEU, and licenses. 

Q. How much experience do I need? Can I travel as a new grad?

A. You can absolutely travel as a new graduate! We offer a mentorship program where you can get expert counsel and advice as a new traveling PT, OT, or SLP.  

Q. Am I a 1099 Employee?

A. No, traveler with Jackson Therapy Partners are W2 employees that receive benefits, have taxes deducted from each paycheck, and receive a W-2 tax form every year. 

Q. Do you offer benefits? When do they start?

A. Yes, we offer numerous benefits that begin covering you on day one of your contract! Find a full list of benefits offered here.   

Q. How do I obtain a copy of my Health Insurance / Prescription ID card?

A. Currently enrolled Cigna members can view their ID card on the www.myCigna.com portal or the Cigna mobile app or contact Cigna at 855-539-8678 

  • Log into myCigna.com App. 
  • Go to Id Cards in the bottom left. 
  • Select the individual on the plan you need the card for. 
  • Select the ID card you are seeking. 

Q. Who can I call for help with claims and benefits questions?

A. Cigna One Guide is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, call 888-806-5042 to speak with a personal guide. Or you can log onto www.myCigna.com to manage and track claims, find in-network doctors, compare quality of care for doctors and hospitals, and access a variety of health and wellness tools. 

Q. Where can I see my pay stubs/Tax Documents?

A. Log into ADP with your Jackson username and select Myself > Pay > Pay and Tax Documents.

Q. What if I can't remember my ADP login information?

A. Reach out to benefits@jacksontherapy.com or call 407-249-6029. A benefits team member can confirm your private information and reset that data for you!  

Q. How do I confirm the address where my W-2 will be sent?

A. Log into ADP to confirm your permanent mailing address. That's where all important documents will be sent. 

Q. When can I expect my W-2?

A. January 31, 2023 is the deadline for W-2's to be made available for the 2022 year. They may be available online in ADP before 1/31/2023, but definitely by that date. W-2's will be mailed out by that date as well.  

I have been especially fortunate to have the most kind, exceptional, responsive, and supportive recruiters. To say that they have gone above and beyond for me is an understatement.
Zachary Physical Therapist