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January 2013 Mouthing Off

Posted by Admin on Feb 23, 2015 1:33:00 AM

Electrical stimulation and the appropriate candidates.
Electrical stimulation is when current is applied to the living body to stimulate nerves or nerve

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Collaboration Between Disciplines

Posted by Admin on Sep 1, 2014 4:46:00 AM

Collaboration Between Disciplines
melissa n., M.A., CCC-SLP
    I overheard my Director of Rehab, who is also the department's

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Marker Setup

Posted by Admin on Aug 17, 2014 5:17:00 AM

The third will focus on establishing a setup for the tilt and/or recline settings setup by the
therapist in a way

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Wheelchair Adjustments Part 2

Posted by Admin on Aug 14, 2014 5:17:00 AM

Wheelchair Adjustments, Small Changes for Big Improvements Series: Part 2-Drop
Seat Technique
Part 2 - Drop Seat Technique
This second installment of the

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Mounting off in November

Posted by Admin on Jul 27, 2014 5:17:00 AM

November is Latin American Month:
• 48.4 million is the estimated Hispanic population of the U.S.
as of July 1, 2009. The

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Wheelchair Adjustment Part 1

Posted by Admin on Jul 24, 2014 5:17:00 AM

For occupational therapy, wheelchair adjustments tend to fall within our discipline. However, the
cost of these adjustments does not always fall

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