Jackson Therapy Correspondents

Helping Your Patients Beat the Holiday Blues

Safe Technique in Patients with Memory Deficits

ICU Part 2

ICU Part 1

January 2013 Mouthing Off

Treatment of Capsule Tightness

Support System for Travellers




Neuromuscular Electrical Stimualation (NEMS)

Avoiding Injury During Fall Activities

Resources for Physical Therapists

Mouthing Off



Therapy and Palliative Care

Volunteerism as Therapy

Quick Tips for Completing a Good Evaluation

Your Responsibilities (and Rights) as a Traveler

Cryotherapy in Occupational Therapy

Physical Agent Modalities in Occupational Therapy

My Best Friend

Dizziness in Older Adults

Diet Levels and the Need for Standardization

What Does "Home" Mean?

The Role of Family in Rehabilitation

Guillain-Barré Syndrome

Investing in Therapy’s Future

Self Feeding Needs -

Relationships with CNAs


Multiple Sclerosis

An Introduction

Contracture Management

Upper Extremity Exercise Program

Short Term Therapy Needs for Long Term Residents

Pain Management

Energy Conservation Planning through P.O.M.E. Guidelines

Home Evaluations Explained

Cognitive Effects of Cushing's Disease

Making a Social Shift

A Quick Review on 3 Strengthening Regimens

The End of an Assignment, A Year in Review

Get to Know Your Patients

Wheelchair Adjustments 5

Parkinson's disease

Ankle and Foot Assessment




Collaboration Between Disciplines

Wheelchair Adjustments Part 4

Dementia Care

TeleStroke on the upswing

The PT Who Saved Christmas

Home Sensory Integration Program Protocol

Marker Setup

Wheelchair Adjustments Part 2

The Influence of Music in the Medical Field

Unique and Bizarre Holidays as Therapy Topics or Material

Move BIG

Educating Patients

make room for PT’s

Mounting off in November

Wheelchair Adjustment Part 1

Hidden Gem in Traveling Therapy

Celebrate PT Month

Respecting Clinicians

Homelessness and SNFs and Therapy

What Can We Do to Help Someone with Multiple Sclerosis?


The Physical Therapist as a Role Model

The Role of Speech Pathologists in Regards to Determining Feeding Tube Placement

Oral History Interviews as a Therapeutic Tool

Congestive Heart Failure and Occupational Therapy

Sternal Precautions and Occupational Therapy

A Little Conversation Walks a Long Way

Which Joint Cocktail Should I Choose


My Use of Humor, Occupational Therapy and Being Human

Growing Popularity and Use of Electronic Devices in Healthcare

Empathy versus Sympathy in the Healthcare Workplace

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Group Therapy: Maximizing the Potential

Making A Social Shift