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Use your education and experience to make a global impact. Your adventure and opportunities begin here.

If you aspire to become a physical therapist, occupational therapist or speech language pathologist in the U.S., we encourage you to learn more about Jackson Therapy Partners. We continue to grow and expand our presence globally through relationship-building and unmatched service.

Jackson Therapy Partners has access to thousands of jobs nationwide. Get in  touch and we can find the perfect fit for you and your dreams.  Request Placement  <http://cta-service-cms2.hubspot.com/cs/c/?&cta_guid=e63b45bf-52ea-440a-a47c-f2b1dbdbca1a&placement_guid=986c3d06-cd41-448a-94e7-edfca1fd2870&portal_id=494565&redirect_url=%2BBbiiPcniMOjyyf%2BLZqAD8q8gwGlRG73mPdIl40ZCF8kdZ4xNharW4wU33eEOAsff2ZtEeIpOylQHE6CGO4LJL6HwzteXb3v9zMm4edeUEUKGTklVW25JEcJB7gtCJsmYdG5R9xE5OV80HEPjOJ4pPx8Kf8nqfHDnILSvMOQTobSAqPLONFn38rRutro%2BbGjXMKKqu7Dqln8VK26Ye0aV2RZnNT/tL916BAtzUEOgI8%3D&iv=iLn9eULYQH0%3D&hsutk=&canon=http%3A%2F%2Fjacksontherapy-1.hs-sites.com%2Fresource-center%2Fbenefits-packages>

Our team works hard to ensure that all our international therapists have positive, fulfilling and fun experiences – and are placed in the long-term assignment right for them. We’re behind you every step of the way – and we’ve made it simple and exciting to cross over into an American Therapy Career. Whether you are pursuing a physical, speech, or occupational therapy job, you’ll have the same valuable benefits as our permanent therapists – plus the freedom to choose your location, the stability of a long-term assignment, licensure and Visa reimbursements, and many more benefits.

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